CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 3rd Trans Health, Advocacy and Research Conference in Southern Africa. “Decolonising and Depathologising Trans Identities”

Gender DynamiX will hold the 3rd Trans Health, Advocacy and Research Conference in Southern Africa on 20 – 23 November in Cape Town. The theme of the conference is Decolonising and Depathologising Trans Identities.

This conference presents an opportunity for researchers, health care professionals and advocates working in the fields of transgender, gender diverse, gender non-conforming and intersex health to come together to focus on past and present developments, best practices, evidence and research, and advocacy strategies.

Through providing a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise, as well as visions and strategies for realising inclusive and affirming healthcare, the conference intends to contribute towards strengthening local, national and regional networks towards addressing health and human rights concerns in the region.

We would like to specifically invite contributions that engage with the decolonisation and depathologisation of diverse bodies, experiences and identities, since these processes are crucial to bringing about inclusive and affirming healthcare provision to transgender, gender diverse, body diverse and intersex persons. We invite presentations, panels, workshop sessions and posters from scholars, professionals and activists that critique the dominance of perspectives and practices from the global north in medical, psychiatric and healthcare discourses, particularly those that frame diverse bodies and identities as ill and disordered, or invisibilise racially, culturally, linguistically, socio-economically, geographically and individually diverse experiences of gender and embodiment.

We also encourage contributions on alternative health discourses and practices that foreground principles of social justice, diversity, human rights and wellbeing. Additionally, we invite contributions that share research, education,healthcare models, best practices, and advocacy strategies to ensure the realisation of inclusive and affirming healthcare for all gender diverse and body diverse persons.



Abstract submissions for concurrent sessions on 20 -23 November 2016 should exemplify current best practices; offer research on a broad spectrum of health and wellness issues for transgender, gender diverse, gender non-conforming or intersex persons, present new issues or topics; add to the understanding of existing issues; or offer research that substantiates, promotes, and advances the work in the fields of transgender, gender diverse, gender non-conforming or intersex rights and health.

You may submit more than one abstract (please submit a separate form for each abstract you wish to submit). A bio (300 words) for each presenter must accompany all submissions.

Submission Deadline

All abstracts must be received by the Conference Planning Committee by 16H00 CAT, 15 August 2016. All submissions should be sent to az.gro.ximanydredneg@ecnerefnoc. Submissions will be accepted by email only. You will be notified in writing on or before 31 August 2016 if the abstract(s) submitted has been accepted by the conference planning committee.   If you have any further questions, please call the Conference Co-ordinator (+27 21 447 4797).

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